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Nicki Paige

Nicki, who is an Illinois native, graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Hospitality Management Major and Business Minor. After landing two internships and assistant positions for wedding planning firms in St. Louis as an undergraduate, she quickly realized upon graduation she needed to move somewhere south!

That’s when she decided Charleston, South Carolina was going to become her new home right after graduation – and we mean literally; she walked across stage, received her degree, packed up her dog and drove to Charleston. Shortly there after, Nicki began planning weddings and designing creative content in the Low country!


Her passion for event design and creative directing, with a combination of her creativity, organization, eye for aesthetics and out-going personality, is what allows Nicki to perform 110% for every one of her events. When Nicki isn’t attending meetings, site visits, tastings, and answering e-mails, you can usually find her at the beach with her dogs, exploring downtown Charleston, or traveling on her off season of weddings!

Nicki Paige

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